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CFO Services for Small Business

CFO Services

We provide concierge-level Fractional CFO services to help you reach your growth, profitability, and transition goals. We measure your past KPIs, cash positions, and other metrics and help you get clear on the decisions that will help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. Whether you are looking to grow substantially over the next few years to pay off your mortgage or to complete a generational transfer, Let’s discuss a strategic approach to building sustainable and scalable value in your business.


Accounting and Bookkeeping are the backbone of your financial structure. Let our firm ensure that your Accounting and Bookkeeping is timely, correct and complete so that you can make better decisions to get you to your personal and professional goals. We can handle your bookkeeping, including invoicing and collections. It’s not outsourcing; it’s reclaiming your time for what truly matters – your life.


For law firm clients, IOLTA and retainer rules demand more than attention to detail; they require meticulously tracking deposits and withdrawals, three-way reconciliations, and document retention. At Juris Ledger, our seasoned team transforms your trust accounting with precision, offering not just expertise but a seamless journey toward peace of mind. We meet requirements and keep you worry-free.

Historical Clean Up

If your business is behind in bookkeeping and Accounting, we will help you catch up. We take on catch-up work ranging from a few months to a few years. We also do Clean-up, where we perform an extensive audit of your bookkeeping records and ensure that they are correct and complete, allowing you to focus on the big picture of running your firm.



We provide you with a personalized journey in our one-on-one training sessions tailored for QuickBooks Online, Clio, Lean Law or Gusto Payroll. In this virtual space, we guide you through seamless tool setup, and expertly troubleshoot any mishaps. Each session is recorded and delivered to you, so you have a permanent reference to go back to time and again. Whether you’re reviewing best practices, QuickBooks, Trust accounting, or tackling your ideal software stack, our expertise makes it seamless.

What We Do For Your Business

Each member of our Accounting Team plays a unique role in ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your business’s finances to save you money and time. Understanding when to engage each role is paramount to your success. Our Fractional CFO is your strategic partner for planning, risk management, and growth opportunities. The Tax Analyst brings in-depth tax expertise, compliance, and audit representation. The Accountant/Controller manages complexity and fosters growth, while the Bookkeeper maintains financial stability in day-to-day operations.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

At the strategic helm is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), positioned to drive positive transformation in your business. Beyond managing financial risks, the CFO conducts meticulous market analyses, forecasts emerging trends, and provides critical oversight for compliance, operations, and corporate financing. For businesses seeking forward-thinking leadership without the commitment of a full-time CFO, our fractional or contract CFO services offer tailored solutions.

Tax Analyst/Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Elevating your financial strategy is our Tax Analyst/Certified Public Accountant (CPA). With a profound understanding of tax codes, our CPAs go beyond preparing tax returns to give you tailored tax strategies to save you money. They bring qualifications earned through rigorous exams and licensing, making them the go-to professionals for tax expertise and audit preparedness.


Navigating complex financial data and providing insights is our Accountant/Controller. Beyond analyzing financial data, this role provides crucial insights for informed decision-making. The Accountant/Controller manages internal controls, ensuring the integrity of your financial processes. They are essential for businesses dealing with complex transactions and aiming for sustainable growth.


At the operational forefront are our Bookkeepers, the backbone of your financial operations. From day-to-day transactions to maintaining ledgers, bookkeepers ensure the accuracy and stability of your financial records. Their expertise extends to producing invoices, managing payroll, and balancing accounts. This role is fundamental from your business’s inception, adapting to your evolving transactional needs.

Your financial journey is unique, and our Accounting Team is committed to providing the tailored support you need at every step. Find out how we help.